Monitoring Air Quality

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When we founded Safecast we were very aware that Radiation wasn’t the only invisible environmental factor around us that people should have more data about. It was the most pressing and the spark that set this in motion, but we wanted to keep the doors open and use the platform we’ve built to expand the factors we’re monitoring. Last month at our one year anniversary meeting in Tokyo we announced that we’re taking the first step in that direction.

Beginning this year we’ll begin to monitor air quality as well as radiation. Safecast volunteer Ariel Levi Simons will be heading up this wing of the project – he’s based in Los Angeles where he’s a science teacher at The Wildwood School and where air quality is a constant topic, yet most people know very little about what the actual content of the air they breath is. This is the very early stages, but if you’d like to join these discussions we’ve created a Safecast Air Monitoring Project Mailing & Discussion list where we’ll begin to put these pieces together.


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