Major Map Update!

In マップ by sean

This update has been months in the making. Our visualization rock stars Samuel Luescher & Anthony DeVincenzi at the MIT Media Lab are primarily to thank for this, as well as Paul Campbell who has been diligently cranking away on our new database and API that manages all this data

We wanted to get something out the door while our kickstarter campaign was still active (it ends in 2 days), however there are still a few bugs that we know about. Load times are a bit slow. There seems to be a delay between changing zoom and the refresh of data (1-5 seconds) which can feel like an eternity. If you’ve zoomed out far enough to see the dateline, you might not see data. We’re working on these and will have an update for this soon.

This is built on our new GeoSense platform that we’ll be releasing publicly to the world soon as well so anyone with data they want to tie to a map will be able to use. Check it out, let us know what you think. And expect it to change a bit in the coming days as well.


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