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Internews, an international non-profit formed in 1982 with a mission to empower local media worldwide, has been doing important and groundbreaking work in areas such as medial law and policy, expanding access to information, and delivering innovative media solutions. The organization trains media professionals and citizen journalists, hoping to increase coverage of vital issues such as conflict management, environment and health, women and young people’s issues, and to help advance policies for open access to information. We admire them and their work, and think we’re motivated by similar concerns.

That’s why we’re pleased to learn that Internews has highlighted the work of Safecast in an important new 53-page report, “Connecting the Last Mile: The role of communications in the Great East Japan Earthquake,” authored by Lois Appleby, who was a first responder after 3/11 with CARE International. The report was supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


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The report points out the good work that has been done by many other groups and individuals, and levels warranted criticism at the numerous failings of established media sources after the start of the disaster. It’s very forward-looking and positive overall, though, and very well-written. We couldn’t help but notice that the founding of Safecast made it into their timeline of key post-3/11 media developments!

We’re all the more pleased because we didn’t have any contact with Internews before the report came out, and they included us without our knowing it. We really didn’t see this one coming!


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