bGeigie Workshop – Aizu

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A few weeks ago we gathered in Aizu with a crew of Safecast volunteers to celebrate hitting 10 million datapoints though we actually had a productive goal for the weekend as well. We held what will hopefully be the first of many bGeigie workshops based on our new bGeigie Nano kit. The idea being, get a bunch of people together in one room and build bGeigie Nano’s – and everyone can help each other along and it can be an awesome experience for everyone. Plus, it generates lots of new bGeigies to go out in the world and collect more data.

The workshop was a huge success, we built 14 bGeigies in total which is a testament to how simple and easy the new kit is to put together. Keep in mind, it used to take us a week to build 2 or 3 of these things. And some of the people building them had never soldered anything in their lives before this. Exciting to say the least. Our plan is to hold the next of these in Los Angeles sometime later this year, but ideally we’ll have them popping up all over the world soon. If you’d like to join us for the build in Los Angeles, or want to host a build in your own city – please get in touch. In the meantime you can order your own bGeigie Nano kit here for $450.

(Photos by Pieter, Jurgen and Sean.)

More photos by Pieter


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